Visit Omaha looking to rent event space for their weekly meetings

Instead of leasing office space, Visit Omaha will pay for weekly meetings at local attractions, hotels and restaurants
Posted at 6:39 PM, May 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-18 19:39:01-04

OMAHA, Neb. — If your business was hit hard by the pandemic, Visit Omaha is looking for places to rent event space to hold their weekly meetings.

They want to help support local businesses that lost money during the pandemic. As they started working from home, they realized they can save money on office space. So they have decided to not renew their lease for the coming year and instead invest some of that money into the local economy.

"We said, 'Hey, why don't we save money, get out of our lease, we are working great from home and take a portion of that money and spend it for weekly meetings at attractions, restaurants, and hotels and help them through the recovery,'" said Deborah Ward, Interim Executive Director of Visit Omaha.

They will need 52 meeting spaces that can accommodate 20 people. They will be sending out lead letters but to make sure you are on the list for consideration you can e-mail them at

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