Residents in West Douglas County feel the effects of the Elkhorn River flooding

Posted at 10:34 PM, Mar 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-16 23:39:17-04

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Neb. (KMTV) — Rising flood waters have left people trapped, without homes, and some completely untouched.

"You live on an area called a 100-year flood plain, you don't expect to see a lot of water like that,” said Doreen Jankovich. For Jankovich the recent floodings have hit close to home. Her brother's home to be exact. He's lived near 226th and Q Street for about 15 years and evacuated Friday night. “It came in a little bit faster than they were expecting and so in situations like that you try to grab the essential things and that included little chickens and pictures and things like that,” said Jankovich. But some essentials were left behind. “Right now, the horses were just too big to get out and so they are on high ground as far as they can find,” she said.

David Perkins lives in a nearby neighborhood. “It's been pretty amazing to watch the water rise here over the last couple of days,” he said. Leaving mixed emotions about his lack of flooding compared to his neighbors. “We've kinda been watching it sitting from up here on the hill and you kinda feel a little guilty being out of harm's way,” said Perkins.

Merlyn Beamis has lived below the hill for six years. “It's devastating, it's devastating." He had to be rescued from the rising water yesterday morning. “I was scared, I was petrified I didn't how fast it was coming up,” said Beamis.

Troy Kendall has a cabin a few doors down from Merlyn, “every piece of furniture in the cabin's under water you know so that's the worst it's ever been since we've been out here," he said. But whether you live on top of the hill, or below the effects of the flood are shared by everyone. “I was blown away the utter devastation, the power of nature is incredible,” said Jankovich.