Salvation Army to give out box fans to those in need thanks to Westlakes Ace Hardware

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jul 16, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — It is quickly heating up here in Omaha and without much relief in sight. For those living without air conditioning, these summer months can be miserable. “It's surprising the number of people in the Omaha metro area who do not have air conditioning,” said Division Commander with the Salvation Army, Greg Thompson.

Josh Hoskins has been working at Westlakes Ace Hardware near 84th and West Center for two years. And in that time, he has been part of a nationwide effort involving Westlake Ace Hardware and the Salvation Army. Donating box fans to those in need. Thousands of fans to be exact. “I just really hope that we keep it up,” said Hoskins.

Nationwide over $78,000 equaling more than 5,700 fans was raised in just 18 days. Here in Omaha over 350 fans will be donated to those in need. “I refer to it as Midwest nice, people see a need and they are ready to meet a need,” said Thompson.

While Thompson isn't surprised at the generosity of the Omaha community, Hoskins said he always is. “This area of town ya know people ya know they go above and beyond ya know that's absolutely what we're asking for and ya know they just blow things out of the water with this they do a fantastic job,” he said.

Hoskins said he is lucky to work for a company that promotes giving back in their communities. “Just absolutely amazing what they do for those in need, they're always there, there's always people you can go to,” he said.

And the feeling is mutual. “It really allows us to serve a larger number of people, this program serves senior citizens or folks who do not have air conditioning and are really in need,” said Thompson.

The donated box fans will be given out to those in need Wednesday morning. To find out if you are eligible for a fan call 402-898-5860.