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Security provider Okta reports hack to its own support system

Okta provides online security services for businesses, but this time it was the one dealing with stolen credentials.
Security provider Okta reports hack to its own support system
Posted at 10:01 AM, Oct 23, 2023

Okta, which provides online security services for businesses, said someone was able to hack into Okta's support case management system. Okta said that the hackers were able to see files uploaded by some Okta customers in recent support cases. 

Okta stressed that its support case management system is separate from its main service, which it says is fully operational and has not been impacted. Okta also said its Auth0/CIC case management system was not impacted.

"All customers who were impacted by this have been notified," Okta chief security officer David Bradbury said. "If you’re an Okta customer and you have not been contacted with another message or method, there is no impact to your Okta environment or your support tickets."

Okta said it has worked with impacted customers to investigate and has taken measures to protect its customers, including the revocation of embedded session tokens. 

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As of August, Okta had 18,400 customers, and the company has seen rapid growth in recent years as more companies look to secure their online services. 

In late 2021, the company reported about $251 million in revenue in one quarter. By the summer this year, the company reported $556 million in quarterly revenue. 

Okta enables secure access, authentication and automation for businesses.

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