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Sheet pan pecan pie is a perfectly shareable dessert for the holidays

Sheet pan pecan pie is a perfectly shareable dessert for the holidays
Posted at 5:30 AM, Nov 16, 2023

Sheet pan pecan pie is the perfect way to simplify the popular Thanksgiving dessert. A sheet pan preparation makes pecan pie infinitely more shareable because it is easier to cut into squares and bring to your office holiday party or pack in your child’s bento box.

Plus, the sky is the limit when it comes to crust options because you aren’t limited to a traditional round pie plate.

This recipe for Sheet Pan Pecan Pie from My Heavenly Recipes calls for a classic crust of flour, eggs, milk, salt and shortening.

Press the crust down on a baking sheet and pour your pecan pie filling on top. The sheet pan pie bakes quickly and should be done within about 45 minutes or less instead of 60 minutes or more, as is often the case with traditional pecan pie recipes.

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You could also consider making a “pâte sucrée” crust. “Pâte sucrée” is French for sugary dough, and it’s a bit sweeter than regular pie dough, with egg as its binding agent instead of water. This makes it more crumbly than flaky. It is often used for things like fruit tarts and other sweet pies. It is also perfect for sheet pan pies.

Pate sucree
King Arthur

Making a pâte sucrée crust is easy. You just need butter, sugar, flour, vinegar, egg yolks and ice-cold water. You’ll have to knead it for a bit. Follow this handy recipe from King Arthur Flour if you need a tutorial.

If you don’t want to make a crust, don’t worry. You can still use short-cut methods like store-bought pie crusts. But instead of adding one pie crust for your base, you will need to use two. Then, you combine the crusts and use a rolling pin to roll out a rectangular shape that will fit your baking sheet.

Sometimes known as a “slab pie,” a sheet pan dessert is an easy hack for big parties where you want to have your servings pre-cut and ready for gobbling.

Remember, these pie hacks work for all of your favorite pies, not just pecan. Try some holiday-friendly recipes like this pumpkin-pecan slab pieor this seriously decadent Snickers slab pie.

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