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These Simplehuman Trash Cans Have Earned A Loyal Following For Their Reliability

These Simplehuman Trash Cans Have Earned A Loyal Following For Their Reliability
Posted at 5:30 AM, Sep 29, 2022

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If tossing out the trash is a dirty job we all have to tackle, why not do it in style? Trash cans are much more sleek and stylish today than ever before. When searching for a new bin, it’s best to find one that’s the right size for your family’s needs and that fits with your home’s aesthetics. It’s also nice to have one with an easy-to-open lid, this can not only keep odors under control, but it can make the room feel more polished as well.

If you’re in the market for an upgrade, there’s a Simplehuman trash can on Amazon that ticks all the boxes.

Simplehuman Trash Can with trash bags – 13.2 Gallon

Simplehuman trash can

This rectangular Simplehuman trash can is durable enough to handle all your kitchen trash needs. The rectangular brushed stainless steel design with an internal hinge lets you place this can right up against the wall. Even better, the lid stays open as long as you need it to, which is nice when tackling several chores in a row. And with a silent slow-close lid, you won’t be alerting the whole household when you’re throwing things out. It offers a strong steel pedal engineered to last over 150,000 steps, approximately 20 steps per day for 20 years.

You can buy this 50-liter Simplehuman trash can bundled with 100 perfect-fit trash bags from Simplehuman for $199.99. The bags alone come with stellar reviews and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars! Users found them easy to hold and install and very durable, which is exactly what you want in a bag.

If you want to pick up the trash can alone, it’s on Amazon for $159.99. With more than 13,000 reviews, it gets an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars, with reviewers consistently saying it’s worth the initially steep price and that the proven durability has made them loyal to the brand.

“This is a brand my family has come to trust,” wrote reviewer Jean-Michel Basquiat. “We bought a different SimpleHuman trash can in 2012 and it lasted 12 years. The plastic cover eventually broke at the hinges. That was understandable considering the decade long use.”

This Simplehuman trash can with bags is available for $199.99.

Simplehuman Slim Step Trash Can – 10.6 Gallon

lid-locking trash can

If you need a smaller trash can that will lock to protect toddlers’ fingers from getting in or pets from rummaging around, this black plastic Simplehuman 10.6 Slim Step Trash can will do the trick for $49.99. It comes highly rated, and reviewer Porter liked how well the lid stays shut. He’s bought two cans.

“I bought my first one to keep the cat out of the trash,” he wrote. “The lock did great. Sometimes we would walk into the kitchen and the cat had knocked it over and pushed it across the floor. But the lock held.”

Air Wick Stick Ups – Lavender, Chamomile & Sparkling Citris – 6 Pack

Stick Ups Air Freshener

If garbage odors are knocking you out on a regular basis and changing the bag isn’t cutting it, these Air Wick Stick Ups can offer some relief. They have an average rating of 4 out 5 stars and can be stuck to the inside lid, lasting for 180 days. A 6-pack of lavender, chamomile and sparkling citrus is on sale for $8.69.

Have you ever thought twice about how to put a trash bag in your bin? Apparently, many of us have been doing it wrong the whole time!

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