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This Snickers Slab Pie Looks Deliciously Decadent

This Snickers Slab Pie Looks Deliciously Decadent
Posted at 12:15 PM, Sep 21, 2019

There’s something amazing about taking a beloved candy bar and transforming it into a decadent dessert. We know the Snickers bar is pretty special on its own. With chocolate, caramel, nougat and peanuts, a Snickers bar can satisfy most sweet-tooth cravings. But Pillsbury found a way to make one of the most popular candy bars even better with its Snickers Slab Pie.

This delicious recipe multiplies the yumminess of an individual candy bar into something the whole family can enjoy together. A slab pie expands a traditional pie into a larger baking pan, which means more servings to share! This recipe serves 16 people and cuts into easy-to-serve squares (or slabs) rather than a delicate pie slice.

Making the Snickers Slab Pie is pretty simple, thanks to Pillsbury’s ready-made pie crusts, and the recipe only calls for seven ingredients. That’s a short grocery list!

Using a refrigerated pie crust cuts out the time-consuming job of making your own. You’ll still have to roll out the dough so it fits into the pan (Pillsbury recommends using parchment paper or wax paper under the dough so it doesn’t stick during the rolling process), but once you get the crust into your pan, simply press it into the bottom and up the sides of the pan.

You’ll then mix the cream on high until it’s whipped and mix together the cream cheese, peanut butter and caramel.


Then you’ll carefully fold some of the whipped cream into the mix, plus a cup of chopped Snickers. Yum!

This isn’t the only way you can create delightful Snickers dessert with just a little bit of extra effort in your kitchen. This recipe for Snickers snack cups from All Because She Saved is an inspired-by recipe — it doesn’t even call for Snickers! You simply melt chocolate, caramel and peanuts together in muffin tins, then cool to set.

With either recipe, you can take a couple of slices and put them in the freezer for the perfect snack later!

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