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MCWS Fan: More bird droppings than usual at this year's series

MECA says it relocated some fans after complaints
Posted at 6:48 PM, Jun 21, 2023

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — The Metro Entertainment & Convention Authority says it relocated "a couple" fans that complained about bird droppings at Charles Schwab Field during the 2023 Men's College World Series.

Another group of fans say they've been sitting in the same seats in Section 103 every year since the stadium opened, and have come to expect some droppings during the series.

But this year is different.

"We get pooped on ... usually a couple times during the series," said Brian Lothrop. "This year, it's a lot worse. And by a lot worse, we're talking, we're getting pooped on, just our four seats, multiple times every game."

He said he got hit three times during one game on Tuesday and he's bringing a change of clothes every day.

Lothrop said he's filling out a comment card basically every day, but he's not looking to blame anyone.

"I just want to make sure this gets fixed for next year," he said. "The people around us think it's funny because they only go to one game ... The first time, it's like, okay, it's bound to happen. By the second and third time, game after game, it's not funny at all."

MECA responds

MECA Omaha says it put up a plastic owl and spikes on the rafters to combat the issue.

"As this is an outdoor venue, naturally we have a wildlife presence on the ballpark concourse," a MECA Omaha spokesperson said in an email.

MECA Omaha added it would have time to evaluate the situation in more detail when the game action starts to slow down.

Others not so bothered

Ramone Oariviere and his grandfather Everett "Red" Fischer have both been hit once.

"It was so funny because I gave him so much grief about it," Fischer said. "I was laughing at him, and the next day, I get one."

They traveled from Minnesota to catch the games together.

"It happens," Oariviere said.

Good luck?

John Crumbley has seen the bird dropping have been an issue for some sitting around him.

"You know, it's baseball, stuff happens," said the Steinbrenner (Florida) high school baseball coach. He has more than 800 wins to his name, according to the Tampa Bay Times. "You expect to sweat and get dirty, so what's a little bird poop?"

He said he was even hoping one of the droppings would hit him.

"I've always heard it's good luck," he said. "Since we're staying at the casino, maybe we'll get some luck tonight if I get pooped on."

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