Top 7 tweets from the Husker football offseason

Top 7 tweets from the Husker football offseason
Posted at 2:44 PM, Apr 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-15 15:53:11-04

In today’s day in age, social media is king. Not only does this change the landscape of sports as a whole, but specifically college football recruiting. It allows recruiting to be an interactive experience for coaches, players, and fans alike. Nebraska football, its recruits, and its fan base have taken full advantage of this new recruiting tool and are using it to their advantage.


Here are the top seven tweets from this offseason:


1.  Keyshawn Johnson’s commitment to Nebraska. This tweet started the “Calabraska” movement that has been the theme for the Huskers 2017 recruitment process.


Johnson will be a recurring theme throughout this top seven, as he has been actively recruiting his Calabasas High School teammates and other recruits around the nation. According to, Johnson is a four star wide receiver. Johnson is also the son of former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson


2. Tristan Gebbia’s commitment to Nebraska. This was the second Calabasas recruit Nebraska landed. Gebbia is a teammate of Johnson’s at Calabasas. According to, Gebbia is a four star quarterback.


3. Assistant Director of Player Personnel Todd McShane recognizing the California recruiting movement.



4. Johnson’s reply to four star defensive back Brendan Radley-Hiles tweet about receiving an offer from North Carolina. Radley-Hiles also attends Calabasas High School, but is one year younger than Johnson. It’s clear where Johnson wants him to attend.


5. Husker fans get in on the action, showing their support for the new recruiting movement.


6. Whether it’s “Motivation Monday” or “Feel Good Friday”, Wide Receivers Coach Keith Williams always has some words of wisdom.


7. A tweet from five star cornerback Darnay Holmes, also of Calabasas High School. Darnay would be one of the most highly touted recruits for the Huskers, but has yet to make a decision on where to attend.