Perkins brothers' on-field chemistry key for Gretna boys soccer

Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 31, 2023

OMAHA (KMTV) — The Gretna boys soccer team is looking to repeat its Class A state championship from last spring.

With two of its main offensive threats returning–senior Brett Perkins and his brother Maguire, a junior–there’s a chance.

Head coach Tyler Ortlieb said the brothers’ chemistry on the field is invaluable.

“Pretty much everywhere they go they’re together,” he said of their playing style. “They’re at home together, they ride to school together, they do everything together. And so you kind of pick up what eachother’s tendencies are.”

Of course we had to test that chemistry, so after the Dragons’ win over Millard West on Thursday, we asked them a few questions about each other:

Who is your brother’s favorite soccer player?
Brett: Messi.
Maguire: Phil Foden.

What is your brother’s go-to pregame or post-game snack?
Brett: Candy (specifically Sour Patch Kids).
Maguire: Usually just pizza.

We asked which one of them is more competitive, and they each said they were the more competitive brother.

For an objective answer, we asked Ortlieb.

“Definitely Maguire, but they are two polar opposites in how they’re competitive,” he said. “Brett will kind of just go about things. And Maguire is typically a little bit more mouthy.”

When we asked the brothers who flops more on the field, both said Maguire.

Ortlieb agreed, saying “it’s not even close.”

It’s all in good fun, as Gretna goes for another run at greatness.

“At the end of the day, both of them would say they’d rather have team success over individual,” Ortlieb said.