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Harry Potter Fans: You Can Stay In A Real-life Version Of Hagrid’s Hut For Just $1

Harry Potter Fans: You Can Stay In A Real-life Version Of Hagrid’s Hut For Just $1
Posted at 7:20 AM, Sep 11, 2019

With its rustic accoutrements, natural surroundings and the occasional hippogriff, Hagrid’s house is one of Harry Potter’s favorite retreats from the drama at Hogwarts. Since April, Potter superfans have been able to book a relaxing stay at a cottage in the U.K.  inspired by the gamekeeper’s home. And now, with some luck, you might even get the accommodations for about $1.

North Shire, a farm in the English countryside with various buildings available for vacation rental, is holding a drawing for a seven-night stay in the Grounds Keepers Cottage that’s based on a location from the Harry Potter universe. Making things even more magical, the winning weeklong visit is set for the week of Christmas.

In typical Hagrid style, the house is a bit rambling.

“The cottage is configured as three interlocking circular rooms, with squat, medieval-looking turrets and mismatched stained-glass windows as a nod to the gothic demeanour of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” reads the North Shire site.

Check out some images from the North Shire’s official Facebook page:

It’s kind of gorgeous, really — certainly more luxurious than Hagrid’s hut in the movies and books. Check out this bathroom:

Did Hagrid even have an indoor bathroom? He seems like an outhouse guy to me.

Of course, the famous flying Ford Anglia from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” is parked right out front:

The groundskeeper’s cottage has enough room for up to six people. If you’re an animal-lover like Hagrid, you’re in luck: Dogs are allowed to stay in the cottage, too.

Contest winners get to stay from Dec. 22-29, 2019 with five other people — up to four can be adults. They also get to meet a snowy owl named Hedwig and see a magic show performed by a grown-up Harry Potter lookalike while having afternoon tea. They’ll even  take a ride on a steam train similar to the famous Hogwarts Express, which leaves from the Goatland Station where scenes in the movie were actually filmed. Oh, and get this: Since the vacation happens over Christmas, Santa will deliver presents to the cottage. Can you imagine?

Entries for the drawing cost £1 each, or just a little bit more than a dollar at press time (about $1.23). Regular price for the cottage is £295 a night, so even if you spend $20 on entries, you’d still be getting a crazy deal (if you win). You can enter the drawing until Oct. 31; note that the contest ends at 6 p.m. London time.

There are runner-up prizes, too: Three nights in the groundskeeper’s cottage for second place, and two nights at the “Hobbit”-style Shire House for third place.

All right, Dumbledore’s Army — now’s your chance. Let’s just hope there aren’t any blast-ended skrewts on the premises.

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