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Target is hiring fewer holiday workers, offering current employees more hours instead

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Posted at 10:10 AM, Sep 27, 2021

While Target still plans to hire some seasonal workers this holiday season, the retailer has announced they will scale back how many people they hire this year, instead offering their current workforce more hours and more flexible schedules through the holidays.

Target says the company will offer current store team members a total of 5 million more hours this holiday season, which amounts to $75 million in pay. Along with the hours and pay, they will also let workers to choose and swap shifts with others so they can work around holiday plans.

Target employees are already working nearly 15% more on average than they were a year ago, but the company says employees are requesting more hours.


However, Target stores will still be needing some extra holiday help. They’re looking to hire around 10,000 new employees for the holiday season, and many seasonal team members will have the option to remain with the company after the holiday season ends.

Target’s announcement comes as retailers plan their holiday hiring amid a continuing labor shortage and a complicated holiday sales forecast: Retail analysts are predicting increased consumer demand, shipping delays and supply shortages.

Interested in a seasonal job at Target? To apply for a position at a store or distribution center, just head to Target’s website. Interviews will be conducted either virtually or via pre-recorded video for a contactless hiring experience.

If you do get hired after the holiday season, Target recently announced it will pay tuition for business courses for its employees. All U.S.-based Target employees will be eligible for debt-free select undergraduate degrees, certificates, certifications and free textbooks. The offer includes 250 business-aligned programs from over 40 schools, colleges and universities and up to $10,000 annually for master’s programs.


While the program is geared toward employees interested in business degrees and only covers select schools, Target says it will provide direct payments to schools attended by other student-employees of up to $5,250 for non-master’s degrees and up to $10,000 for master’s degrees each year.

Seasonal hiring will likely begin at multiple stores soon, so keep an eye out for other positions to open in the coming months.

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