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"Beef" Up Your Cocktails 2/2/18

Gravy Drinks, Stocktails and More
Posted at 10:37 AM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-02 11:37:15-05

Have you heard KFC has released recipes for cocktails using its gravy?  We've talked about it on the show and we had to try it for ourselves. Turns out this is part of a new "Stocktail" trend!  We invited our friend Kari Korenchen to tell us more and mix up a drink! 

Here are the recipes she's demonstrating:

Southern Twist (KFC Cocktail):


1.5 Ounces Bourbon Whiskey, like Jim Beam Black

2 Ounces KFC or similar gravy

2 Dashes of black pepper or peppercorn medley

Dried Parsley and Brown Sugar mix for glass rim


Spread parsley/brown sugar mix on plate or bowl

Coat rim of glass in lemon juice, then place upside down on plate until the mix sticks 


Add ice to glass, then pour Bourbon and Gravy, stir, dash pepper on top, and serve!



Of Fathers and Sons (Herbe Sainte Cocktail):

1.5 Ounces Dry Gin, like FEW Breakfast Gin

1 Ounce Beef, Chicken, or Vegetable stock

.5 Ounce Triple Sec, or orange liqueur

.25 Ginger syrup or ginger liqueur


Add all ingredients to glass, then add ice, stir, and serve!