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This ballet is putting a new twist on 'Cinderella' with a male lead

Some nights the lead in the story will be a man. Other nights it will be a woman. But the audience won't know until the curtain rises.
This ballet is putting a new twist on 'Cinderella' with a male lead
Posted at 1:30 PM, Sep 28, 2023

The Scottish Ballet is putting a unique twist on a centuries-old fairy tale. 

“Cinders” will mix in all the ingredients of the classic “Cinderella” story, but on some nights the performance will center around a man being swept off of his feet by a princess instead of a woman being charmed by a prince. 

And the audience won’t know which version of the story they’re getting until the curtain rises. 

The Scottish Ballet said breaking tradition in theater is a tradition in itself. 

“Cinders will be everything audiences adore about the enchanted fairytale — made sparkling, fresh and new,” the ballet said in a press release. 

The prince will still be played by a male dancer and the princess will be played by a female dancer. The show will feature the same costumes in each performance, including the iconic “Cinderella” dress. 

Only a bit of the choreography and the lead in the story will change throughout their tour, the ballet said. But it will always be a surprise at the start of the show. 

On the ballet’s website, it said the story will not surround an LGBTQ+ couple “this time around,” but the audience will see that representation in the background with other characters in the story. 

Performances of “Cinder” will begin in December at the Theater Royal in Glasgow, Scotland before the group travels to other parts of the U.K. 

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