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This Man Snuck An Engagement Ring Into Photos With His Girlfriend For A Month Before Proposing

Posted at 10:47 AM, Sep 06, 2019

Edi Okoro had a big secret he was keeping from his girlfriend, Cally Read. Okoro wanted to propose to the love of his life and had already picked out a gorgeous ring. But while he was excited to pop the big question, Okoro wanted the moment to be special. The nervous groom-to-be knew it had to be the perfect moment and he had a hard time coming up with an idea he liked.

“Those who have gone through this (and those who will soon find out) you want to propose in a way that speaks to you as a person and couple,” Okoro posted on Facebook. “Some plan a flash mob, a fancy meal, or even arrange a marry me sign. I couldn’t do this because ‘Edi doesn’t plan’ …. I’m a spontaneous improviser!”

About a month after he bought the ring, Okoro sat in his living room admiring it and thinking about how to propose — when Cally almost saw it. It was at that moment that he had a flash of inspiration.

“All these missed opportunities mixed in with the thought – Cally doesn’t know I have the ring!!” he wrote. “I should just start documenting these moments!

And what an adventure this turned out to be for the couple. Okoro had a blast flashing the ring just out of sight of his future fiancée and snapping pictures of the brilliant little secret.

Some of the photos depicted scenes as simple as Okoro showing off the bling as Carly had her back turned:

Some moments were closer calls than others:

The sneaky guy even brought the engagement ring out on the road when he had the chance!

Sometimes it was when the pair was shopping:

Another day, the ring tagged along before a bike ride.

Each time, Okoro knew his lady love could have turned around the busted him cold. But he figured that if that happened, it would be the moment he was waiting for.

As the game went on, he got even more daring with his placement of the ring:

Our favorites are when the couple is in bed and Cally is casually on her smartphone or even asleep!

In this one, Cally has the ring in her hand and doesn’t even know it! Talk about a gutsy move, Okoro!

Finally, about a month after the hide-and-seek game had begun, Okoro popped the big question. Cally still had no idea about all of the pictures until after she said yes:

“She didn’t know about this library until several weeks later,” he wrote on Facebook. “My smile is a ‘you know nothing Cally Read’ smile.”

Though he doesn’t share what happened during the big reveal, we bet she was delighted by how her future husband documented his love for her.

His photo collection and posts have since gone viral and now people all over the world are congratulating the happy couple.

We wonder what he has planned for the wedding!

Hippo Surprise

Read and Okoro aren’t the only people whose proposal went viral: Fiona, the baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanica Garden, was gracious enough to help one couple’s “Will you marry me?” a truly unforgettable moment.

Nick Kelble and Hayley Roll were at the zoo on Oct. 8, 2017, to see Fiona in person for the first time. Ever since she was born six weeks premature, the petite baby hippo has captivated the world, and people like Kelble and Roll have been traveling from all over to see her.

“We are huge #TeamFiona fans and have been following her since she was born,” Roll told the Daily Buzz.

The two got in line—Fiona is pretty popular—and patiently waited their turn to see the baby hippo.

But what Roll didn’t know is that Kelble had a big plan: to pop the question.

“We went to the zoo for our one-year anniversary and Fiona was in the window,” Roll told the Daily Buzz. “Nick, my boyfriend, and I were waiting in line to get our photo taken with Fiona and I gave my cell phone to someone to take the photo and when I turned back around, Nick was on one knee proposing.”


Roll said yes, but what has the internet saying “YES!” is the photo that accompanied the proposal. Roll posted a picture of the moment on Instagram and, sure enough, Fiona is perfectly posed for the picture. It’s almost like the little hippo was in on the surprise!

“We’re so happy Fiona could be there on our special day. Here’s to many more years of going to zoos with you,” Roll wrote on her Instagram post.

Wow! These proposals really are something.

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