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A Teacher Turned Her Classroom Into Hogwarts—and Harry Potter Fans Will Love It

Posted at 9:04 AM, Sep 17, 2019

A Maryland teacher’s classroom is so perfectly decked out in its “Harry Potter” theme, adults are wanting to return to high school just to get a glimpse of it.

Staci Lamb shared posts on Twitter showing off her public school classroom before and after she spent a month turning it into an immaculate Hogwarts-inspired space. The cost of the room’s decor came out of her own pocket.

Lamb said she shopped for furniture and decorations at low-cost and free places such as Goodwill, yard sales, and Facebook Marketplace. She also found items during a nearby college’s move-out weekend, when students often unload furniture and other items they no longer need.

We can only imagine how fun it would be to have this as your daily space for learning!

Twitter | Staci Lamb

Regular classrooms with fluorescent lights can feel stodgy, and Lamb’s lighting looks so soothing and inviting. What a great space for learning!

Twitter | Staci Lamb

And check out this area just beyond the door, complete with a Marauder’s Map:

Twitter | Staci Lamb

The teacher shared a full video walk-through of her Hogwarts-style classroom on Twitter:

And the room has plenty of people on Twitter wanting to go back to the 9th grade, which is what Lamb teaches.

Twitter user @k_callahan4 responded with a GIF of Harry and Ron trying (and failing) to get onto Platform 9 and 3/4 from the second movie, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” saying, “How do I join your class?”

And user @JuliaAnalise wants to be a freshman in high school again just to be in this room:

User @KPCabrera made some “Harry Potter” references in asking how to sign up for Lamb’s class.

What about her students, though — do they like it? Lamb told Buzzfeed, “The most rewarding experience is watching their different facial expressions and first reactions when they walk through the door.”

So fun! Lamb said she will likely pick different themes for her classroom in years ahead, such as “Alice in Wonderland.”

We’re impressed with Lamb’s work — especially knowing that most teachers aren’t given extra money to decorate and make their rooms more pleasing for students.

Hogwarts tends to be a popular theme for teachers sprucing up their classrooms. In 2017, Kyle Hubler, an Oregon teacher, also added the wizardry of Harry Potter to his classroom:

Courtesy Kyle Hubler

Hubler told Yahoo! the “Harry Potter” books had a big influence on him as a child and he wanted to share that influence with his students.

Of course, he made his desk one of the coolest parts of the classroom:

Courtesy Kyle Hubler

“I just wanted to show them a little aspect of my personality to start bridging the connection between teacher and student,” he told Yahoo!. “It’s not just a one-directional relationship where I’m just imparting knowledge onto them, but we can connect as human beings as well.”

These educators spent a lot of money to create a fun and enjoyable learning environment for their students.

Maybe going back to school — for just a day — would be all right? Even if we didn’t get our Hogwarts letters when we were 11?

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