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Why A Roll Of UV Window Film Could Be Your Best Purchase This Summer

Why A Roll Of UV Window Film Could Be Your Best Purchase This Summer
Posted at 12:45 PM, Aug 02, 2022

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Even when the summers aren’t record-breaking, sweating while you sit around your own house is never welcome — but neither are the sky-high energy bills that come with keeping your place chilly in the dog days of summer. If you’re tired of jacking up the air conditioner every day, you might want to consider installing some ultraviolet window film.

While you may love the natural light that pours in from your home’s windows, that sunlight unfortunately generates some major heat inside your home, and it’s likely making you more uncomfortable than you may realize.

For example, a standard 6-by-7-foot sliding glass door can create 10,000 British thermal units of heat per hour, according to Bob Vila’s website. The expert handyman’s site goes on to say it takes approximately one-third of the average home’s hourly air-conditioning power to compensate for that heat increase alone.


UV window film, such as this Kespen Anti-UV Reflective Window Tintthat’s listed on Amazon at a reduced price of $12 per roll, is a quick fix that can yield noticeable results. This UV window film claims to reduce the UV rays through windows by 93% and block up to 80% of infrared rays. This can help prevent sun damage to floors and furniture and reduce light glare, which makes watching TV more pleasant, even on the sunniest days.

An added bonus feature to this particular UV window film is its mirror finish, which gives homeowners more privacy during the daytime by limiting views of people outside if they are looking inside the windows. Yet, what most customers apparently appreciate after installing UV window film is the reduction in temperature inside their home, which can lead to lower bills in the longterm.


When you order Kespen’s UV window film, it comes in a roll that measures 17 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 feet and is ready to install on your chosen window. But you can also get it in different sizes and colors. This window film uses static cling to adhere to the glass, making it chemical-free and easy to remove and potentially move to another window, if that ends up being necessary.

More than 12,000 Amazon customers have reviewed Kespen’s UV window film and 60% have given it a perfect grade. High ratings have particularly been written for its ease of use and effectiveness.

Reviewer Tiffany Guerro, for one, gave the product a five-star review and said it “drastically improved room temperature” in her home, as well as sharing the photo seen below.

“It took approximately one hour to do all four sliding doors,” she shared in her review. “It has a nice mirror finish during the day and the room was noticeably cooler. It also removed the glare on the TV. In my picture, you can see one side of the door with the tint and the other with nothing. Big difference!”


This cheap and easy DIY project can save you money and bring more comfort to your home during the hottest times of the year.

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