Verizon's Gadget Guy shares tech gift ideas for every price range

Posted at 2:03 PM, Dec 13, 2018

OMAHA, Neb. — When it comes to holiday shopping some people love it while others find it frustrating and overwhelming. If that's you, we're hoping we can help.

Verizon's Gadget Guy, Steve Van Dinter, recently chatted with 3 News Now Anchor Jennifer Griswold about some of his top tech picks for every price range.

Under $50: Tile Style
Van Dinter says you can put the chip device in your wallet, backpack, purse, anything you might lose and then use an app on your phone to find it. Once you click to locate it, the device will chirp away. You can even connect with other Tile users if you're no longer nearby to find it so they can track it down for you. There are different versions and if you want to buy more than one, it'll cost more.

Under $75: Google Chromecast Ultra
Van Dinter says it's 4k entertainment streaming. It has a an HDMI port to plug into any standard television with an HDMI port. You can use your smartphone (iOS or Android) like a remote for a cast-enabled apps like 3 News Now, Hulu, Netflix and much more.

Around $150: JBL Link 10
Van Dinter says to think of this one like a "souped-up audio version of a Google home." It has Google assistant so you can ask questions, but the audio quality is what makes it stand out. It's also portable and weather-proof so you can take it to the beach or park.

More than $300: Palm companion device with Kate Spade wristlet
This is a phone companion device so the prices depend on the plan you get. It's a tiny smartphone that clones your phone. You can take it to the gym or out on the town. It's meant for times when you don't want to carry around a large smartphone. It's a 3-inch device so you won't want to be scouring Facebook on it. Van Dinter demonstrated it with a Kate Spade wristlet holder. That is sold separately.

More than $200: Nest Hello
The doorbell camera can send a notification to your phone when someone comes up to the door. So even when you aren't home, you can check on your home. You can also talk through the device.