Vets warn pet owners to keep their pets cool in the heat

Posted at 8:08 AM, Jul 02, 2019

Veterinarians want pet owners to keep their pets cool this summer.

Dr. Christopher Byers, with the VCA MidWest Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center, tells us they see at least half a dozen patients for heat-related illness every week.

Byers says, before you take your pet on a walk, you should check to see if the ground it too hot.

He says burns to paws are common during warm weather months due to hot asphalt.

If you can't leave your hand on the pavement for five seconds, Byers says it's too hot to walk your dog.

He also tells us the ground can be too hot regardless of the amount of sunshine.

"We have to remember that it's hot even when the sun isn't shining," Byers said. We have to remember that it's still humid even when the sun isn't shining, so even an animal in the shade is at risk for heat-stress and heat-stroke."

Byers says when it's humid, animals can't effectively get rid of heat from their bodies through panting, so it's not just about direct sun.

He also tells us, if you think your animal is suffering from heat stress or a heat stroke get them to a vet within 90 minutes.