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As 90s continue, be safe in the heat

Heat safety tips
Posted at 2:14 PM, Jun 15, 2020

The heat continues through the next several days of June before a “cold front” arrives. I say it with quotation marks, because it’ll only take us from the mid 90s to the upper 80s! But it’s a little bit of relief. In the meantime, it’s important to remember your heat safety because the hottest days are still ahead!

Keep in mind, Omaha averages just over 30 90-degree days in a year and we’ve already had 13 so far in 2020. We’re only halfway through June! We’ve still got to get through July, August, and September!

Now is the time to be practicing your heat safety. We all know it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated and to take breaks if you’re working outside for a prolonged period of time. This goes for everyone and anyone. Many people enjoy hanging out at area lakes and rivers to cool down and might enjoy a few adult beverages, but remember to keep drinking water at the same time.

And we say it every year, but NEVER leave anyone (especially kids and pets) in a car on a hot day while you “just run into the store for one thing.” There were just over 50 reported deaths of children in hot cars in 2019. Get into the habit of always checking the back seat when you get out of your car or keep you purse/wallet in the back seat to help you remember. It’s important to remember to always lock your car even if it’s sitting in the driveway because kids could climb in and not get out in time.

It’s also important to know the signs for heat exhaust and heat stroke.

For even more information about heat safety, check out this link from the National Weather Service.