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Averages for the Month of March

Posted: 3:12 PM, Apr 03, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-04 02:49:34Z
March 2018 Review
March 2018 Review

Now that March is over, we've flipped the calendar to the start of April. One notable part of this year's March was our overall lack of snow. Looking back, let's see how the month stacked up to its averages. 

During March, Omaha was well below average for our snowfall totals. On average, we receive 4.2 inches of snow, but this year we only measured 0.9 inches out at Eppley Airfield. All that snow fell on one day: March 6th. Comparatively, the National Weather Service office in Valley received 2.7 inches of snow on March 6th. There were eight other days in March where Omaha received a trace amount of snow.

However, we were above average for our total precipitation during the month. This includes rain and the amount of water melted from our snowfall. The average is 1.99 inches and we measured 2.82 inches at Eppley. 

As for our temperatures, they were close to being average. Our average high and low for the month of March is 51 degrees and 28 degrees. We ended up with was an average high of 50 degrees and low of 31 degrees. The warmest afternoon of March was on the 14th, when we reached 69 degrees and the coldest morning was on the 7th, when the temperature dropped to 20 degrees. Through the month, we saw a lot more cloud cover than sunshine, making our near-average highs fairly impressive.

April has been off to a cold start and it feels more like winter than spring. In fact, there is a chance we could break a record low during the morning hours of Wednesday, the 4th. The current record low is 18 degrees set back in 1899. We are forecasting just under that!

Check back soon for our April preview blog post.