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Cooler weather ahead in September?

Omaha still desperately needs rain
Posted at 2:02 PM, Sep 02, 2020

We’ve reached the month of September and in 2020, who knows what it will bring! Hopefully it will bring some crucial rain to the area! Fun Fact: August 2020 was the third driest August on record for Omaha, coming in at only 0.46” of rain. The other two dry years were 1894 with 0.36” of rain and the driest year, 1913, at 0.18” of rain.

September is the beginning of meteorological fall! Of course, the start of fall most of us are used to comes a bit later in the month, on the 22nd. Either way, fall is a transition season, meaning our temperatures are finally starting to cool. Average afternoon highs range from the low/mid 80s at the start of September to the low 40s by the end of November!

In Omaha, our averages really do start to look quite fall-like in September, which I am personally looking forward to, especially this year! Our average afternoon high for the month is 78 degrees and our average low is 54 degrees. Perfect open window weather! During September, Omaha averages 2.68” of rain.

Of course, this year we can use any rain we can get. It looks like we’ll get some decent, widespread rain during the first full week of September (around the 7th & 8th) along with some much cooler than average temperatures, but the overall outlook for the month from the Climate Prediction Center is...drier than average, unfortunately.

You probably noticed the much wetter than average outlook for areas to our south. That’s because some parts of Oklahoma and Texas have already received 4-7+ inches of rain in the first two days of the month! So yeah, they will be way above some of their averages for the month.

Hopefully you’re ready for the cooler temperatures, too, because the CPC shows the chance for cooler than average temperatures this month! That will certainly be true after we get past a few HOT days in the near future, since in the first full week of September as a strong cold front arrives in time for Labor Day and drops our highs into the 60s and 70s for the better part of the week.