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Flooding to Impact Communities Along the Missouri River

Rivers Continue To Rise
Posted: 3:37 PM, Jun 26, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-26 18:12:01-04
Missouri River Flooding
Missouri River Flooding
Missouri River Flooding
Missouri River Flooding

Flooding along the Missouri River near Omaha is not uncommon, but there have been a couple notable floods over the years. While there is a flood warning expected to last until Friday evening, June 29th, we are not expecting the kind of large-scale flooding many remember. This time, the river is expected to reach about 30 feet, when flood stage is at 29 feet.

The most recent large-scale flooding happened back in 2011. On July 2nd, the river reached a peak of 36.29 feet. This flooding was caused by the combination of quick melting of the record snow pack that year and releasing of water from dams upstream that were also experiencing flooding. 

During the flood of 1952, Omaha set the record flood crest at 40.2 feet on April 16th. While there was greater damage from flooding in smaller communities along the Missouri river, President Truman visited Omaha and officially declared it a disaster area. 

Flood warnings are in effect for more areas along the Missouri river through the rest of this week as water from heavy rains to our north moves down the river over the next several days.

Some locations received 3-6+ inches of rain over the past week based on radar estimates.

No matter the extent of flooding, if you encounter water over the road remember: Turn Around, Don't Drown.