Is This Winter's Last Gasp?

Is the Wednesday, April 18, snow the last time Omaha residents will see the white stuff this season? After looking at the forecast trends for the next couple of weeks and into May, the answers is yes. We can finally say winter is officially done and spring has sprung. The cooler air is moving east and warmer air is on the way as we start the month of May.

That still doesn't mean that we won’t experience below-normal temperatures occasionally as the long-range models still show fronts pushing cooler air our way, but we do not expect strong surges of cold air.

Even though it appears that we are done with the snow, the overall chance for precipitation the next 8-14 days will remain high, and that means decent chances for showers and spring storms.

To recap the 2017-2018 snow season, Eppley Airfield finished with 17 inches, which is still below average but a few inches more than the 2016- 2017 season. Not everyone saw below-average snow totals, though. Norfolk had 45 inches for the season, but their average is about 30 inches.

If you’re wondering when our last measurable snowfall has been over the past six years, it has ranged from February to mid-April, but we also had snow on May 16 just a few years ago.

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