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January look ahead

Potentially a cold month
Posted at 6:11 PM, Jan 03, 2022

So far, 2022 has been off to a cold and snowy (ish) start in Omaha! While we didn’t see a whole lot of snow, 2.6” at Eppley to be exact, the cold weather was a stark contrast to relatively mild December we had.

But now we are getting even more into the winter months and snow and cold will become our norm. In fact, Omaha’s averages paint a cold, snowy picture. The average high temperature to start the month is 34 degrees. About a week into January, our average high dips to 33, but then “warms” back to 35 degrees by the end of the month. Omaha’s average low on January 1st is 16 degrees. It similarly drops a degree to 15 in the middle of the month, but then warms back to 16 by the last day. On average, Omaha measures just over seven inches of snow in the month of January.

January Preview.png

Looking ahead to the rest of the month, the Climate Prediction Center shows chances for some colder than average temperatures for a decent portion of the northern Plains and Midwest, and through most of the Pacific northwest. Warmer than average temperatures look possible through most of the southern US.

Nation Temp Monthly Outlook.png

As for precipitation, the CPC shows chances for drier than average conditions in the southwest and most of Texas and into Florida. There is a chance for wetter than average conditions in the Pacific northwest and the Great Lakes region and slightly south.

Nation Precip Monthly Outlook.png