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More rain for southeast Nebraska

Drought conditions worsen for others
Posted at 4:48 PM, Jul 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-27 18:13:18-04

If you’re keeping up with the weather blog, you’ll notice I JUST did an updated on our rain totals last week. However, we had a big rainfall event on the 26th, so totals have changed in a big way! Buuuut, not for everyone, unfortunately. So, let's crack into it.

While we saw some scattered rain and storms on Sunday, July 26th, thanks to a cold front moving through the area, parts of southeastern Nebraska once again got a LOT of rain. This seems to be the trend for recent rainfall.

The numbers reflect the lack of rain in parts of northeastern Nebraska and northwestern Iowa this year along with increasing drought conditions.

The most recent update from the drought monitor shows “Moderate Drought” conditions through much of the area from Omaha north and from Norfolk to the east. “Severe Drought” conditions take over closer to Carroll.

The numbers show how many of us are lacking rain in a big way this year. In fact, Omaha is about seven and a half inches of rain below average for the year, Norfolk is down about five inches, and Carroll is down almost four inches.

Comparatively, Lincoln is almost right on for their average rainfall by this point in the year and Beatrice is about an inch below average. However, both cities are above their average rain totals for the month of July.

With the month drawing to a close this week and only a couple more rain chances this week, many of us won't be making up much of those deficits on our yearly averages.