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Rain Check!

Many of us are needing rain
Posted at 1:06 PM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 16:08:06-04

June has been a HOT month for us, but it hasn’t been a particularly rainy month here in Omaha. Granted, some areas of southeastern Nebraska saw six to eight inches of rain out of one event, so they’re way above their usual rainfall! But that’s not the case for all of us.

As far as the actual numbers go, Omaha has measured 2.45 inches of rain out at Eppley through June 21st. This is about half an inch below our average of 3.03 inches by this point in the month. For the entirety of 2020 so far, Omaha has received 9.72 inches of rain, which is 4.59 inches below our average of 14.31 inches by this time of the year.

For some perspective, Lincoln has received just over two inches of rain so far in June, but is still about an inch below their average for this time in June. And to our north, Norfolk has received very little rain this month, just about a quarter of an inch is all! Norfolk would typically have seen about three inches of rain by this time in June, so they’re down about two and three quarters of an inch! A few showers and storms through Monday evening will boost our rain totals a bit in eastern Nebraska.

Because many of us haven’t seen a lot of rain this month, we’re starting to see some drought conditions creep back into parts of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. We’re still on the lower end of the drought categories though, coming up with some “Abnormally Dry” conditions.

We still have some more rain chances in the forecast over the next several days, but overall, it doesn’t look like an impressive amount of rain unless you can get under a thunderstorm or two.