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September Starts

Temperatures Begin to Cool
Posted at 5:58 PM, Sep 01, 2021

August just flew by and now September is beginning! September signals the start of meteorological fall as this is when temperatures begin to drop (slowly) during this transitional month. So, if you ask me, FALL IS HERE! (Technically, “regular” fall begins on September 22nd.)

In Omaha, September begins with an average low of 62 and an average high of 83 degrees. By the last day of the month, those average are down to 50 and 74 degrees, respectively. September isn’t usually one of our rainier months by any means, but we see an average of about three inches of rain during the month.

September Preview.png

For the first week of September, most of our afternoon highs are going to be very close to or even slightly below average for this time of the year.

Temp Trend 7 Days.png

Looking at the Climate Prediction Center monthly outlooks for September, it doesn’t show much of a clear signal for Nebraska or Iowa. As far as temperatures go, the areas more likely to see warmer than average temperatures are in the West, Northeast, and part of Florida. Cooler than average temperatures are a bit more likely in parts of the Southeast.

Nation Temp Monthly Outlook.png

The CPC’s precipitation outlook for the month shows the potential for drier than average conditions in the Pacific Northwest and some wetter than average conditions possible across parts of the Southwest, but especially from the Southeast into the Northeast (Thanks, Ida).

Nation Precip Monthly Outlook.png