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Snowy season so far

A check on the season's snow totals
Snow Totals by Month.png
Posted at 4:31 PM, Feb 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-08 17:31:17-05

After a snowy weekend, we’re enjoying a short break from the snow on this Monday! However, more snow is in the forecast for sooner rather than later.

Over the next several days, there’s a snow chance each day! It doesn’t mean we’ll see a ton of snow each time, but over time it does add up! In fact, let’s look in at where our snow totals stand so far through this season.

Rain Chances Next 5 Days.png

Across the area, Lincoln is the big snow winner so far, coming in at a total of almost 43 inches of snow. Omaha and Valley are nearly tied at 35.5 and 35.1 inches of snow respectively. And this season, some spots in northeastern Nebraska haven’t seen quite as much snow. Norfolk comes in so far at 30.3 inches of snow.

City Snow Totals.png

The other question, of course, is where does this leave Omaha for this season? Above average! So far, we’re about three and a half inches above average for the month and February and nearly 20 inches above average for the season!

Snow Almanac Month Season.png