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Already a wet October

October preview
Posted at 11:36 AM, Oct 03, 2019

We’ve just started the month of October and already are off to a wet start!
With the cold front coming through to kick off the month, a LOT of rain fell across the area. So far, Omaha has measured 2.22 inches of rain at Eppley Airfield. On average, we only see 0.17 inches of rain in the first couple of days of October! We’ve already surpassed our total monthly average of 2.15 inches, too. Radar estimated totals show totals ranging from one to four inches of rain across the area.

We’re expecting some more rain for the first weekend in October, but it will be less rain than what many of us saw on Tuesday. This time, total accumulations will likely fall between half and inch to one inch by Saturday evening for most of us.

The cold front did a number on our temperatures, too. We started the month in the low 70s in Omaha and will be spending much of the week ahead in the 50s and 60s. Our average high in October is 65 degrees and our average low is 42 degrees. When it comes to precipitation, October is also the month where we start including average snow totals for the month, too! Thankfully, for those of us not quite ready for snow just yet, October’s average is only 0.3 inches of snow.

The Climate Prediction Center shows much of the north-central Plain and Midwest with above average precipitation for October. Thanks to the cold front at the start of the month, much of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa are all over average for month precipitation.

As for temperatures, there’s not a clear signal of whether overall temperatures will be above or below average for the month. While we’re going to experience a stretch of slightly below average temperatures over the next several days, it looks like we’ll flip flop as we approach the middle of the month and see some temperatures slightly above average.