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Good gardening weather

Get out there and garden and mow!
Posted at 2:00 PM, May 18, 2020

We’ve reached the middle of May, which means that many of us spending more time outside! A lot of that time goes to planting gardens and mowing the yard. Thankfully, Mother Nature is giving us a few good days for it!

The first half of this week (the 18th, 19th, and 20th) will give us some mild temperatures in the 60s and 70s and a mix of sunshine and clouds. We’ll stay mostly dry, too! This is great timing for any planting you might want to get done around your garden. If it’s time for you to mow the lawn (or dandelion patch if your yard looks like ours), you’ve got a few days to choose from instead of a short window one afternoon!

The drier weather will come to an end by the end of this week. Some spotty rain returns on Thursday, but really ramps up on Friday. A few more scattered showers and storms will be around for the weekend, too, but it isn’t looking like a total washout. However, temperatures will be warmer during this time frame!