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July heat wave

Temperatures nearing triple digits
Posted at 1:04 PM, Jul 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-16 14:06:34-04

The heat is on again! July started with temperatures in the 90s and while we’ve had a couple more sprinkled in here and there, we’re heading into a hot streak.

So far this year, Omaha has reached 90° twelve times. Our hottest day so far this year was June 29th, when Omaha reached 98 degrees. Highs on Monday were near 90° and Tuesday afternoon will be slightly warmer. The heat really kicks in Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

As high pressure builds in and takes over, we’ll see fewer rain chances and increasing temperatures. During the second half of the week, we have the potential to reach 100° for the first time since May 27th, 2018 when Omaha hit 101 degrees.

With afternoon temperatures approaching triple digits in the second half of this week, an Excessive Heat Watch is currently in effect at the time of this post for Wednesday afternoon through Friday evening. By late Tuesday or Wednesday, it will likely become an Excessive Heat Warning. Our “feels like” temperatures across the area will likely be near 110 degrees, making heat-related illnesses possible if you spend an extended time outdoors.

It’s a good time to refresh yourself on how to stay safe when experiencing excessive heat like this: