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July kicks off with heat before a likely cool down

July hottest month on average
Posted: 6:37 PM, Jul 01, 2019
Updated: 2019-07-01 19:37:18-04

Welcome to July! A new month means new weather stats and a general look at what this month could have in store for Omaha and the surrounding areas.

July is, on average, the hottest month of the year for us in Omaha, which is probably not a surprise to anyone. It’s typically when we see most of our 90°+ days during the year (we average 12 of them in July, and 33 through the whole year). We’ve had 8 days reach 90° or higher so far this year (including July 1st), but are expecting to add a few more as we start July.

Average 90s in Omaha.png

During the month of July, Omaha averages a high of 87 degrees and a low of 66 degrees. While it’s not usually the wettest month, Eppley typically receives just under four inches (3.83” officially) of rain throughout July.

July Preview.png

Looking at the latest update from the Climate Prediction Center suggests Omaha could see a bit of a break from the 90s at times through the month. In fact, we could be overall slightly below average on our temperatures.

Temp 30 OUTLOOK.png

When it comes to rainfall, the CPC shows the chance of wetter than average conditions for the month of July across a large portion of the central United States.