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Omaha's average last freeze

Cooler temperatures linger
Posted at 12:47 PM, Apr 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-13 13:00:30-04

We’ve been enjoying some warmer temperatures lately, but as many of us in the Plains know, early spring can be full of “false springs” and “8th winters.” This is also the time of year when some of us want to get out and start planting flowers, too, but is it too early? Of course, it’ll depend of the types of flowers/plants you are wanting to add to your garden or landscape, but let’s look at it from a weather standpoint.

UPDATE: The below average temperatures have arrived now, and it's going to stay on the cooler side for the next several days. In fact, morning lows are going to stay below freezing for a good part of this week. So, if you've got some plants you'd like to keep safe, it would be good to cover them or bring in some of those flowers you may have put outside to soak up the sunshine.

The average last date Omaha temperatures are at or below 32° is April 18. However, the latest date for our last freeze was May 13th in 1997.

Over the last five years, most of our last freeze dates have been in mid-April, so we’re fast approaching the average last freeze date!

We’ve been enjoying a warm up over the past few days and are about to see Omaha’s warmest day of 2020 so far, but then cooler air will make its return for the end of the week and through the weekend.

The Climate Prediction Center shows the cool down is going to last a bit longer with cooler than average temperatures continuing into the middle part of April, which means we will most likely be seeing some morning lows near or below freezing still. Keep in mind, our average high in Omaha right now is 60 degrees, so anything cooler is technically below average.

While our weather is also not very active right now, we’ve got some more rain chances coming up towards the end of this week. The CPC shows we could see the activity sticking around into the middle of the month, too.