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Omaha's February snow totals below average

Dry February in Omaha
Posted at 12:51 PM, Feb 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-28 00:44:35-05

February is winding down and overall, it has been a fairly calm month.

So far, we’ve received just under an inch of snow out at Eppley, 0.9 inches to be exact, and afternoon high temperatures have ranged from 20s to low 60s! While we’ve got a few more days left in the month, we have little to no snow in the forecast. So, our ending snow total for February 2020 will be nowhere near February 2019’s snow total of 27.0 inches.

Snow totals across much of the area this winter season have been a bit lacking. Many of us are below average. In fact, Omaha is about 5.8 inches below average for this time of the winter since we typically would have received 20.5 inches of snow by now and we’ve only had 14.7 inches of snow measured at Eppley.

Lincoln is also below their average snowfall totals for the season so far by almost 7.5 inches as they’ve only measured 11.3 inches of snow so far. Norfolk is slightly above on their season snowfall totals currently, but only by about an inch. They’ve received 23.4” of snow so far this season. Valley has seen just a bit less snow than in Omaha, coming in at 12.6” of snow so far this winter.

This all probably seems like bad news for snow lovers, but just wait, there's more! Currently, it looks like March will start off with some warmer than average temperatures. Our average high right now is 43, so warmer than average temps would be anything above 43 degrees.

During the same time frame, we do see a chance for wetter than average conditions. Now, with warmer than average temperatures, it would suggest more rain. However, it will all depend on timing, because at this point most overnight precipitation would likely be snow. Even though we have a couple of chances for a mix in early March after that its trending drier for most of the region after March 5th.