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Snow totals still below average

Rain totals are right on track
Posted at 3:49 PM, Mar 30, 2020

WE HAVEN'T SEEN MUCH SNOW DURING THE 2019-2020 SEASON, but our rain totals are close to average this year. — The month of March is coming to an end soon and it’s been completely different from March 2019 (thankfully!).

Of course, we were dealing with historic flooding during March 2019 because of the snow in February, frozen ground, and the rapid melting of the snow plus some additional rain. Omaha had measured 27 inches of snow in February of 2019 and then we picked up almost three more inches of snow during March and just over two and half inches of rain.

In stark contrast, our snow totals for the 2019-2020 season are well below average. During February, we measured less than an inch of snow out at Eppley and now in March we’ve received just over two and a quarter inches of snow. For the season, we’re just over eight inches below average on snow totals. By this time, we’d usually have seen just over 25 inches of snow, but we’ve only measured 17 inches of snow at Eppley.

Our rain totals are almost right on track so far for both the month of March and 2020 as a whole. We’ve received almost two inches of rain so far this month, which is just slightly above average. During 2020, Omaha has seen 3.33 inches of rain, which is barely below average.

We’ve still got an active weather pattern going as we bring March to a close and begin the month of April, so we’ll add some more rain to our totals soon and some of us will even tack on a little bit more snow to our overall season total in the week ahead.