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Snowy January

A look at the seasonal snow totals so far
Posted at 4:57 PM, Jan 28, 2020

As we are coming to the end of January soon, let’s look at our snow totals for the season so far! It hasn’t been a particularly snowy season yet, but January has been the snowiest month yet. (Which, to be fair, is what is expected on average as we progress through winter.) Then again, most of our snow came in February last year. We’ve got a couple of snow chances coming up in the forecast, but any more accumulation for the month doesn’t look very impressive.

So far in Omaha, we’ve measured 8.7 inches of snow out at Eppley. That’s three and a half inches of snow above our average of 5.2 inches by this time in January. As far as season totals, we’re up to 13.1 inches of snow at Eppley, which is just about an inch below our average so far of 14.2 inches.

Across the area, Lincoln has gotten even less snow than we have in Omaha. In January, Lincoln measured 4.6 inches of snow so far. Surprisingly, that’s exactly what their average is for this point in January! Overall, Lincoln has received 8.8 inches of snow for the season. Their average for the season so far is 13.3 inches, so they’re 4.5 inches below the average.

Heading up north to Norfolk there’s been more snow. So far, Norfolk has measured 4.9 inches of snow for January, which is just 0.6 inches below their average of 5.5 inches for the month so far. However, they’ve received 20.4 inches of snow for the season, which is four inches higher than the average of 16.4 inches by this point.