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Hank and Ax asks customers to remain loyal to their stylists

Posted at 6:50 PM, Mar 27, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Salons in Douglas County are closed for the next month. While this isn’t great news for stylists who rely on their clients for income, they’re making the best of it.

Katie Hoke-Harrower, Hank and Ax Owner, said her clients have been great, calling to check in, taking advantage of their curbside product sales, even requesting home visits.

“We can’t do that,” Hoke-Harrower said. “It puts our license in jeopardy, the salons, and the ' license in jeopardy. That just not how we work in this state so we’re following the rules. We feel like we can’t give the Hank and Ax experience to people in their homes.”

She said wait for the professionals. Most DIY trims and dye jobs turn out badly.

“The products that we use are a professional product that is great for hair,” Hoke-Harrower said. “But the chemistry that goes into that isn’t just something that you can purchase at a grocery store or simply put together and put on your roots. It is a special formula and again the artistry. You’re missing the best part.”

Same goes for guys.

“Maybe ask a loved one to help you clean up your neckline with a basic razor,” she said. “But lets stay away from the clippers.”

Just hang tight and take this time to try out a new style or hair product. Hank and Ax is having a contest right now to see who has the best roots and uni-brow after the quarantine is over.

“Stay loyal to your hair dresser, stay loyal to your small businesses in town,” Hoke-Harrower said. “This is where you rally around your hair dresser and small businesses in Omaha.”

They’re expecting to be back open in May.