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We're Open Omaha: Associated Staffing Agency Inc

Posted at 9:52 AM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 13:26:53-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — While many face unemployment or furlough, people need help finding jobs. Associated Staffing Agency Inc. is open and able to help with those job searches.

"We do everything on the light industrial spectrum - production, manufacturing, warehouse, forklift, everything blue collar is primarily what we specialize in," said manager David Franks. "Very different from a temp agency in that we don't do temporary work; we do all permanent full-time, or direct hire for our clients or business partners."

Associated Staffing Inc., near 50th St. and L, is a full-service staffing agency. They have locations in Omaha, Columbus, Kearney, Grand island and Hastings, and can help people get jobs in any of those cities, even up to an hour away.

Right now Franks says the company is seeing about 70% of their clients or hiring partners who have put the brakes on job recruiting.

"There is a lot of back and forth, depending on the industry," Franks said. "We have some companies who will say, 'Send us everybody! We still need the help!' And we've got some that say, 'Hey, let's wait two weeks, let's wait a month, let's ride this out.' We've kind of been at their beck and call depending on what that looks like."

But there are some employees that are in high demand.

"The food industry is always a big one, because that's an essential one as we know," Franks said. "The building industry. We have a company that does a lot of steel erection and puts out building on the commercial and residential side. That's very big right now. Believe it or not, we've got a company that does manufacturing for cosmetic problems, so shampoos, creams, lotions, they're booming right now."

The company connects job seekers to companies, and even offers free resume assistance.

"If you don't have a resume, seriously consider writing a resume or sitting down with someone," Franks suggested. "Agencies, specifically ours is very good at that, because we don't charge to write resumes. We're going to try and get you a job first, but at the bare minimum, we're going to have a resume done for you at the end of the interview."

Normally they offer all walk-in traffic, but they're currently taking safety precautions and locking their front doors and only seeing people by appointment.

Franks says if you're looking for a job don't lose hope and be proactive.

"The biggest thing we want to let people know is there's hope," Franks said. "Things are slowed down - don't panic. What I fully anticipate is once this subsides and we get away from the pandemic, it's going to be like Christmas for job seekers, because all those companies that paused or slowed down are going to have to ramp up their workforce again. So even if we don't have work for you now, get your resume in, get your application into us, because once they do open up, they are the first people we can get out to work."

LOCATION:5104 L St. Omaha, NE 68117
HOURS:Monday - Friday: 8AM - 5PM
CONTACT: 402-731-1466
SERVICES: Online, by appointment, and over the phone