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We're Open Omaha: Going Postal

Posted at 11:33 AM, May 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-15 17:30:09-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — "Going postal primarily is a multi-carrier shipper," said manager Andy Wasserman. "We offer packaging services for customers who bring items in that need to be packed and they can be anything from small gift items to furniture."

Going Postal has two locations: one in midtown and the other near 132 St. and Dodge St.

Shipping is their primary business, but they also have an assortment of other business services like faxing, scanning, copying and paper shredding.

Their business hours have remained the same, but because of COVID-19, they have had to adjust some of their services.

"We are limiting some of the self serving options on the copiers, to minimize the number of touches, and we kind of altered some of our processes to minimize the transfer of items being touched and passed back and forth," Wasserman said.

And they're adjusting services that require people to be in close proximity like finger printing.

"Because we're required as fingerprint operators to hold the hand of the person being fingerprinted," Wasserman said. "So, that service has been suspended until there really is some revised procedure that allows a good level of protection."

That is affecting some people from being able to get background checks completed or even a different job.

"In the medical industry, a lot of physicians, in order to get certified in other states, are required to send fingerprinting as part of that process," Wasserman said. "Right now, they aren't able to do that.

In the last few weeks, they have seen an increase in shipping especially since some people are working from home and don't have the same access to office machines.

"Printing, and the scanning, and even the paper shredding, some of those things we've seen a little bit of an increase in the traffic, and specifically around Easter time and Mother's Day where there usually would've been family gatherings, items - whether they were gifts or whatever, are being shipped instead of being handed off at those events since people aren't getting together as much now," Wasserman said.

And of course, they're continuously doing their best to maintain social distancing and follow other guidelines put forth by the CDC.

"Making sure that all the touch points in the store - whether, it was a writing instrument or the counter surfaces or the touch pads or the credit card terminals, or the doors, are all sanitized and wiped down regularly," Wasserman said.

Going Postal
LOCATIONS: 3157 Farnam St. Suite 7104 Omaha, NE 68131
663 N. 132nd St. Omaha, NE 68154
HOURS: Monday - Friday: 8AM - 7PM
Saturday: 9AM - 3PM
Sunday: Closed
CONTACT: 531-329-3860
ADJUSTED SERVICES: No finger-printing