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We're Open Omaha: Inner 10 Weapons and Training

Posted at 12:26 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 20:10:21-04

Inner 10 Weapons and Training is an indoor shooting range. They offer concealed carry classes for all levels of shooters. Right now, they're open and busier than ever.

"We do gun sales, we do ammunition sales, gun smithing and then transfers from people who buy online," said owner Jacques Clerc.

Located near Blair High Rd. and Sorensen Parkway, the shooting range has seen an increase in business since COVID-19.

"People would buy firearms because they collect them, and they want them, now they're buying them because they're concerned about their safety."

Clerc says this is in part due to people panic buying. He says this happens when people are fearful.

"The last one we had was from the Vegas shooting: that created quite a bit of scare, but nothing to this degree," Clerc said. "My distributors - I've got sales guys who have been in the industry for over 20 years, and they say they've never seen, in their life, this type of purchase level."

This has led to an ammunition shortage everywhere.

"We had such an influx of purchasing over the counter, it was to the level that our distributors can't handle," Clerc said. "So there was a shortage available...ammunition and firearms through the distributors. So we had to limit the amount of ammo that you could purchase, and then we completely shut it down to only range use. That's because, when we rent firearms, and if we don't have the ammunition available, what's the point of having the firearms for rentals, and in order to stay in business we want to make sure we have the available ammunition on the wall."

They've increased the number of classes they offer, changing their class size from 18 people to under ten.

"We usually schedule on average about two to three a month, and recently we've expanded to accommodate the influx. We've seen upwards of three classes a week now."

To continue business, they are focusing on cleanliness.

"It's between every shooter our firearms get wiped down; our credit card readers, we're wiping them down constantly, door handles - coming in and out constantly."

They're also practicing social distancing.

"This is a Barrett m107, it's a 50 cal," Clerc explained. "It's actually a rental firearm. We use it on the range. We do allow customers shoot this, and it is a perfect example on how far away you need to be."

For now business is somewhat business as usual, but Clerc says he expects a slowdown as the weeks go by and people become more conservative with their funds.

"We have not changed our hours, at all, yet but possibly here in the next several weeks," Clerc said. "If that occurs, we will change our hours and probably have to cut back on some staff. But we're going to try our best to ensure all of our staff are gainfully employed as much as possible."

Inner 10 Weapons & Training
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