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We're Open Omaha: It's All About Bees!

Posted at 10:46 AM, Jun 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-15 11:38:31-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — At It's All About Bees!, it's all about honey with their products.

"We are a small food manufacturer that makes quality, artisan, small batch products like jam, creamed honey, everything is all natural," said owner Wendy Fletcher. "We have a lot of different flavors of all natural creamed honey, and then honey jam and jellies, everything has honey or bees wax that we make."

The shop, which is located near 84th and Q Streets is a family business.

"My dad was a commercial beekeeper for 40 years, so that's all he did, was keep bees, and then he sold his honey in large quantity," Fletcher said. "That's all he did, so I started this company 20 years ago. I saw it as a good opportunity to sell products that I wanted to see in the market."

They sell products like candles, salsa, jam and all types of honey. They're also beekeepers and work with local farmers

"They're on the edge of Omaha on farms where they're working to pollinate, those farmers produce so they get better produce because the flowers have been pollinated," Fletcher explained.

Since they have a commercial kitchen, the shop is able to sell their honey to grocery stores.

"We did not close; the grocery stores actually were selling honey because people were wanting to stay healthy and boost their immune system, so we actually got busier," Fletcher said.

In order to stay open during the pandemic, they expanded into a bigger space.

"Since we need to do more social distancing, we've created larger aisles, more checkouts, we've been doing wipe down procedures, all of our employees wear masks all the time."

Out of the 12 employees who work there, all were able to stay working during the pandemic unless they chose to stay home due to health reasons.

"If anybody thought they may have had it, they quarantined," Fletcher said. "My mom is my business partner - she's high risk so she's been self quarantining at home. She's actually been making masks, so we're able to sell those and then also for our employees."

In order cater to customers who did not want to enter the store, Fletcher says they began offering curbside and changed their marketing and even started doing more newsletters for customers.

"We offered coupons for curbside pickup, offered discount on our product, we do shipping all over the United States but we also do a lot of local shipping; you'd be surprised."

And they found other ways to make up for not being able to sell their products at farmers market.

"In lieu of no farmers market, or a postponed farmers market, was a free May Market Delivery," Fletcher explained. "So we did free deliveries to all of our customers over the month of May, since we couldn't go to the farmers market."

It's All About Bees!
8540 Park Dr. #3622 Omaha, NE 68127

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 6:30PM
Saturday - Sunday: 9AM - 5PM


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