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We're Open Omaha: Szechuan Express

Posted at 9:47 AM, Mar 31, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — A restaurant that's been open for nearly three decades, Szechuan Express is open and heavily relying on those takeout orders during this time.

The restaurant was opened in 1991 by Amy Wong and her husband Sienfu.

"Very good team. Don't have to worry about something," Amy said. "We have two good children. They are all healthcare careers. My daughter is a nurse."

The Wong's are first generation immigrants. They opened the restaurant together when they first moved to Omaha.
In order to for the Wong's to keep Szechuan Express open during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple is keeping their family-run restaurant open, focusing only on their takeout and curbside services.

"We are a family business, and it costs a lot to have delivery," Amy said. "So our prices are kind of low, very reasonable price."

More so than ever, the Wong's are grateful for any and all sales.

"Since January, after Christmas, things kind of slowed down a little, and then the virus kind of happened, and there was a lot of that going on. I feel like dining happened less."

Customer Nick Labenz tried them for the first time this week.

"We didn't really want a chain store, so, between my girlfriend and I, we decided on this place," Labenz said.

Amy hopes others come and try them.

"We've been here almost 30 years," Amy said. "I know a lot of people don't know us. We have a lot of loyal customers. Everybody tell us about trying our food. It tastes good."

She says she has seen many of her regulars coming more often.

"So appreciate; make me kind of want to cry," Amy said. "Everybody has a hard time. Not just us."

She said her customers have been giving them extra words of encouragement during this time.

"'I pray you guys stay open, stay safe,'' she recalled. "And [they] give us big tips. It's sometimes more than what we can see."

315 N. 114th St. Omaha, NE 68154

Takeout and curbside