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Which snail has a unique shell?

Which snail has a unique shell?
Posted at 5:30 AM, Aug 15, 2023

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Over here at Simplemost, we all love a good Dudolf puzzle, and today we’re spotlighting one that maybe looks a touch easier than his usual seek-and-find images — but it’s deceptive that way!

Who is Dudolf, you ask? Well, he’s a Hungarian artist who has gone viral in the past for his cute and challenging brainteasers. His real name is Gergely Dudás. While Dudás is a published author and has a few books out that you can buy if you’d rather tackle these in print form, he also releases single puzzles online and has a huge following.

On Facebook, for example, he has 168,000 followers. He has another 49,000 on Instagram, where he occasionally posts more personal news (like wedding photos, as he was married a year ago).

Here’s a puzzle from June, which has a lot more white space than some of his others. Looks like it might be easy, right? It’ll still take you some time to figure out which one of these snails is unique, since you have to look at each snail to figure out if there’s an identical one with the same shell colors in the same sequence:

Like all Dudolf puzzles, you may get distracted by the cute extra elements in the image, like the bitten-into apple and the top hat on one snail. Somehow, these simple drawings of snails have so many expressions with so few lines!

And don’t forget, some snails may be facing the other way than their twin, so the pattern looks inverted.

Here’s a hint: The snail you’re looking for has two colors on it, but you’re going to want to pay attention to their order.

Still having trouble? Try the second line from the bottom.

If you’re stumped — or maybe just impatient — you can click the link at the bottom of the post. It takes you to an image you can enlarge on the puzzlemaker’s blog, and there you can also find a link to the solution.

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Dudás also creates other types of cartoons — like “Lord of the Rings” parodies and references to “Harry Potter” and “How I Met Your Mother.” And you’ll find plenty of other seek-and-find puzzles if you have a little extra time to go down the Dudolf rabbit hole.

Some are a bit more chaotic than the snail puzzle. In this more recent offering, for example, you have to find a bee:

But we always love Dudolf’s fun illustrations, cute animals, and playfulness. Enjoy!

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