UPDATE: Omaha Community Playhouse cancels awards ceremony; departing staffer says she didn't support decision

Posted at 3:44 PM, Aug 01, 2023

UPDATE: 8/2/2023

In a social media post on Monday, the Omaha Community Playhouse (OCP) announced that it would cancel its annual awards ceremony scheduled for Monday evening, citing a "planned protest at the event."

The statement continued,"... we want to ensure that negativity does not overshadow the accomplishments of the performers, artists, and volunteers of OCP’s 98th season. We acknowledge that we have work to do as an organization and are committed to re-engaging with our community."

Omaha Police say they are not aware of any official reports from OCP. 3 News Now also reached out to several staff members at the theater and, as of Tuesday afternoon, employees at the theater were not speaking to the press. By Wednesday, however, at least one staff member decided to make a public statement.

Outgoing marketing and P.R. director, Dara Hogan, announced via social media on Wednesday that her last day with the organization will be Friday. Hogan said in the post that she did not support the decision to cancel the awards ceremony.

Based on social media comments, many members of the Omaha theater community were unaware of potential protests and several objected to the decision to cancel the awards celebration.

The Omaha Community Playhouse has a long history in the community. When it was founded in the 1920s, Dorothy "Dodie" Brando — the mother of Marlon Brando — and Henry Fonda were early performers. Fonda was later an important benefactor to the theater.

Award winners were shared on social media Tuesday evening.

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