Aubrey Trail sentenced to death for the murder of Sydney Loofe

Trail was sentenced by a 3-judge panel
Posted at 11:51 AM, Jun 09, 2021

WILBER, Neb. (KMTV) — On Wednesday afternoon 54-year-old Aubrey Trail was sentenced to death for the murder of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe in 2017.

In March, a three-judge panel began the process of determining Trail's sentence after he was convicted of first-degree murder along with his co-defendant and girlfriend, Bailey Boswell.

At the sentencing, Trail gave a statement intended for the Loofe family.

"I won't say I'm sorry, as that would be an insult to you after what I put you through. I won't ask for forgiveness as I don't believe there is such a thing. I doubt there is such a thing as closure in a case like this," Trail said.

Trail says a lot of lies were told about Sydney and telling the truth was the furthest thing from his mind.

"The plan, however, was not to get her there to kill her but to pull her in our little group. I use women for sex and for our criminal activities. Killing her would have been counterproductive. I do not deny Sydney's murder, the only difference it was 2-3 hours after she got to the apartment that I decided to kill her," Trail said.

Trail admits to doing terrible things and doesn't claim to be a "good person."

"This is the only thing I have ever done I feel real regret about. In the past, I could justify myself but not this time," Trail said. "Sydney did nothing but reject my lifestyle and threaten to expose it and I killed her for it."

Trail's defense attorneys, Ben and Joe Murray, weren't surprised by what was coming but had no inkling of his statement.

"We were not ready for that. I believe he really did intend to help the Loofe family and hopefully, it did. I know that's difficult to say," Joe said.

Trail was accepting of his fate.

"I could care less what you do to me here today," Trail said.

It's a fate that the panel believes is appropriate considering Trail's disregard for human life.

After the sentencing, Trail was wheeled out of the courtroom with the same no remorse look he had when he entered.

The Loofe family posted a reaction to their Facebook page.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson issued a statement after the sentencing:

The three-judge panel provided a well-reasoned order. The panel did an extensive job of setting forth the gruesome details of the murder of Sydney Loofe and explained why the death penalty is appropriate under the language of the Nebraska statutes and the history of Nebraska case law where the death penalty was upheld. The Attorney General’s Office is committed to its legal duty to enforce death sentences ordered by Nebraska’s courts.

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