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CHEAP EATS: A Catered Affair

Posted at 7:40 AM, Apr 13, 2023
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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — From corporate events and weddings to baby showers and private dinners, the owners of a Metro catering company have been preparing delicious meals for about 15 years.

Now they've added something new to the mix - a cafe. 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole found - it's a hidden treasure that combines a charming atmosphere, affordable prices and delicious food.

A Catered Affair has a new home — with a new cafe.

"You kind of walk in and get a hug a little bit," said owner Kathy Silvey.

Local artwork beautifies the walls — but it's the food that's the heart of the place.

"We just try and make things very simply," she added.

Kathy Silvey and her husband Scott created all the recipes.

"Quite honestly, we just cook like we're cooking for our family," she explained.

Speaking of family, their son Payne works at the cafe, too.

"I've been in the kitchen since I was 12," Payne chuckled.

He showed off their Croissant Breakfast Sandwich first. It's the most popular breakfast item.

"It's a croissant made with buttery eggs, cheese and candied bacon with everything bagel seasoning on the top," he described.

Serese: So, if you come here and you're not sure what to get - this is a good idea?
Payne: Yes. They are to die for!

The Smashburger is the cafe's number one seller. Payne says the good flavor starts with the meat. The mixture is made in-house.

"It includes pork belly, brisket, short ribs and we do a bit of chuck roast," Payne explained.

It's enhanced with their seasoning and plenty of onions.

"The onions make it. So, we cut them super thin and then we put a big clump on both sides," he added.

The Smashburger is served on a potato bun — but it's smeared with butter first, then toasted.

"We always use a lot of butter on all of our bread...the more butter the better," he smiled. "We toast the top of the bun to give it a nice texture. It gives it a nice crunchiness.'

The double patty burger is covered with cheese, their house pickles, ketchup and mustard — and a dill pickle on top.

Serese: So, this is your perfect burger?
Payne: This is my perfect burger! I get it once a week — my favorite thing on the menu.

Next, Payne made the Breakfast Burrito.

"This guy will start with a big 'ole chunk of butter in here," Payne laughed.

It comes with their house-made sausage, roasted potatoes, bell peppers and green onions. He adds farm fresh eggs to the mixture. It all goes inside a wheat tortilla.

Payne: What do you think we're going to do to the top?
Serese: Give it a nice crunch?
Payne: Butter. We're going to give it a little crunch with some butter.
Serese: I know the secret to all your recipes now — butter, butter, butter!

Serese: When people have this breakfast burrito — what do they say?
Payne: Well, the plate is empty. Usually, their mouths are full, and they think it's the most decadent, best burrito they had in town.

You can't come to A Catered Affair without checking out their Cinnamon Rolls.

"I like big buns," joked Pastry Chef Carly Banse.

She's not kidding. The Sweet Rolls are ginormous. Her homemade cinnamon rolls are so popular, they sold nearly 300 of them on Saturday alone. And — there's a variety.

"There's the Expresso (Cinnamon Roll). It has homemade espresso chocolate filling that we put inside and then our Salted Caramel which is like the next best seller — and then our Bacon and then the Nutella," Carly shared.

Customers like Brittnay Smith can't get enough of the place.

"Ten, 10, 10 every time," she said enthusiastically.

Serese: You can't say that about every place.
Brittnay: No, you cannot.

A Catered Affair is on 8351 North 134th Avenue. It's near 132nd & State, right across from 'A View on State.'

ACA also sells Grab & Go family meals. You can get anything from Enchiladas and Lasagna to Firecracker Chicken. To see the Grab & Go, Cafe or Catering menu, go to Just know the catering menu and cafe menu are different.

Here are the prices of some of the items we featured in this story:
Smashburger $10.50
Breakfast Burrito $8.50
Cinnamon Roll $3.50

Heads up — their strawberry and blueberry cinnamon rolls are coming soon!

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