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Cheap Eats: Brazen Head Irish Pub

Posted at 8:08 AM, Mar 17, 2022

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — It is Saint Patrick's Day, so it's only fitting we celebrate by showing you some delicious Irish dishes.

In this week's Cheap Eats, 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole takes us to the Brazen Head Irish Pub where it's all things Irish all the time.

If you're searching for a true Irish experience, look no further than Brazen Head Irish Pub.

"It's really sort of modeled after the Brazen Head in Dublin," explained co-owner Teri Ochoa.

The original Brazen Head is the oldest Irish pub in Ireland built back in the 1700s. The Omaha version was made in Ireland, too.

"The bar and all the woodwork (was) done overseas, shipped it over here and built it here to try and replicate the spirit of that," Ochoa added. "So, you get this coziness and warmth with all the woodwork and everything and it's got a rich and decadent feeling to it, but at the same time it's super casual and relaxed."

"It's a pub. You know Omaha is a big Irish town," said co-owner Larry Good. "I think they know everybody almost on a first-name basis by now. It's an Irish cheers," he chuckled.

The decor and atmosphere are Irish-inspired, but the food is the heart of this place.

Chef Luis Martinez has been cooking up Irish cuisine at the pub for the last 20 years.

From the Dubb Linn Stew to the sausage bangers with chive potatoes and gravy, he knows his way around this kitchen.

One of his specialties is the Brazen Head boxtys. It's a traditional Irish potato pancake that's filled more like an omelet. There are six different boxtys to choose from. Martinez says the boxty sauce is boss.

"When customers take a bite out of that, what do they usually think?" asked Serese.

"They love it!" said Martinez.

Customers are also big fans of the Reuben.

"How good is your Reuben?" asked Serese.

"Super good. The best in Omaha!" said Martinez.

The most ordered item here is the fish and chips. Last Friday, they sold nearly 250 orders. Martinez says the beer batter is the key.

To embrace the Irish experience, you can dine in one of the restaurant's two private snugs.

"There's a lot of Irish folklore about the snugs and what happened in the snugs," Teri shared.

"So, what happened in those snugs?" asked Serese.

"One never knows," said Teri.

You can't celebrate the Irish without the brew. At Brazen Head, it's all about Guinness and it's poured properly.

"It's really a thing. It's like a two-step pour, not like pouring a regular beer," she demonstrated.

It all comes together, giving customers a taste and feel of the Emerald-Isle.

"You feel like you're in Ireland, in a pub. (It's) very chill, great selection of beer, and super good food. Everybody is happy," Teri smiled.

Brazen Head is serving an Irish breakfast on St. Patrick's Day. The lunch and dinner menu is limited but will include all the Irish favorites like corned beef and cabbage, fish and chips and cottage pie for $10.

Every Sunday, there is all you can eat Fish and Chips for 10.99. There are also daily Lunch Combos for $7.99 and $10.99.

For more details, go to

The restaurant is located at 319 North 78th Street just off 78th and Dodge.

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