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Cheap Eats: Single Double

Posted at 8:09 AM, Jan 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-19 09:09:14-05

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — This week's Cheap Eats takes us to the new food hall in Midtown. It's where the old Switch Food Hall used to be.

The owners of Kamp Blackstone were in search of the best cheeseburger in the city, but they say they couldn't find it. So, they created it. As 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole reports, it's served in a casual setting, but the owners say it is very much a fine-dining burger.

Welcome to Kamp Blackstone — the new food hall at 36th and Farnam.

"It's a fun place. This is an entertainment venue at the end of the day," said Extra Credit Group President, Michael Sanchez.

The first restaurant at the venue is a burger joint.

"We have a single burger. We have a double burger and we have fries. That's it," he said.

It's a simple concept with a simple name.

It's called Single Double.

The mission is more complex.

"We wanted to make the perfect burger," Sanchez shared.

So, an entire team was created to do it.

"We talked to all of our chef friends and restaurant owner friends, got them in a room and started what we call a sensory team. So, we started developing everything from the patty to the sauce to the pickles to the cheese to the bun," he explained.

The process took months.

"And we all took a bite one day and said this is it. There's nothing we would do to improve this burger," he added.

Kamp Culinary Lead Ethan Putnam says the gourmet smash burgers come with four-ounce patties seasoned with a little salt and caramelized onions.

"What's the key to a good burger?" asked Serese.

"You need good beef, good buns and good cheese — that's it," said Putnam.

Their buns are buttered on both sides and then covered with their secret sauce.

Here, you have it their way.

"For a while, the world was flooded with build your own concepts: build your own pizza, build your own burger, build your own burritos," Sanchez stated.

At Single Double, they make the decision for you — including the toppings which are sweet and savory.

"We start with our base. We make the aioli here in-house. We want the same amount of sauce, pickle , meat and cheese in every single bite," Putnam explained.

"It just has to be perfect every time," Putnam said.

"Perfect every time? That's a lot of pressure on a chef," said Serese.

"Definitely," said Putnam.

"Do you deliver?" asked Serese.

"Oh yeah!" said Putnam.

We sat down with Kristina Lee, the Director of Culinary & Concept Development with Extra Credit Group.

"When people come here, they can get a single or a double, but you recommend a double. Why is that?" asked Serese.

"I personally think having the double — it's perfect. I love the size of it. People are like, 'oh it's too much!' Just try it," said Lee.

The fries are crispy and are served with their secret sauce.

And if you're taking part in dry or damp January, they also serve mocktails.

"This is called the Mechanical Bull. It's an energy drink. There is Red Bull in there. It's delicious. It tastes like a sweet tart," she described.

From the drinks to the burgers, the Kamp Crew says the feedback has been just what they hoped.

"The hope is that you have somebody say this is the best burger that they ever had — we've had a lot of those comments," smiled Sanchez.

Single Double is inside Kamp Blackstone at 3618 Farnam Street. It's open Monday through Saturday. The Single is $8.50. The Double is $14.00.

Kamp Blackstone also has a place called Concessions which features gourmet hot dogs, pretzels, pizza, nachos and more.

The newest restaurant, Angelwingz, is expected to open in February. The chef promises wing flavors you've never had before. For more details go to or

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