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Cheap Eats: Southern Spoon

Posted at 11:12 AM, Feb 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-27 12:57:46-05

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — There's no part of town more in need of a sit-down restaurant than North Omaha. The owners of the new restaurant Southern Spoon saw that void and filled it with a family-friendly dining space.

As 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole reports in this week's Cheap Eats, they're offering people in the community everything from traditional Southern food to Hispanic, Italian — even Caribbean cuisine.

There's something new cooking on the corner of 39th and Ames Streets.

"It's a bright spot in the community that we try to create," said Jay Overton.

It's called Southern Spoon.

Jay Overton, a third-generation restaurant owner, runs the place.

"These are family recipes handed down from my grandmother's grandmother," he shared.

He says at Southern Spoon — every day is like Sunday.

"Sunday dinner was always a big thing. That's why we made sure we are open on Sundays. That's a huge thing for the simple fact that traditionally African American communities Sunday dinner is a big thing. It's kind of like a holiday all over again," he explained.

At Southern Spoon, you'll find down-home cooking like mac and cheese, candied yams and fried chicken, along with Southern hospitality.

"If it's your first time (in the restaurant), we will give you a piece of complimentary chicken from the first time you walk through the door. A little hospitality goes a long way," he smiled.

He says eating their fried chicken is an experience.

"I think this is the best chicken I've had in my life. I heard that so many times, way too many times to count," he laughed.

Jay: Is this your first time here?

Serese: Yes, this is my first time.

Jay: I'm about to change your life!

His chicken is a three-step process. First, it's marinated overnight.

"Now this flour has already been seasoned again so this is the second stage — part two," Jay demonstrated.

After it's fried, it's on to step three.

"This is our house seasoning. This stuff right here is addictive," he said confidently.

Serese: What kind of flavor are you putting on there?

Jay: This is the garlic parmesan

His youngest son Jayceon showed us how good that chicken was.

"Kids are the best critics. When you have a four or a five-year-old sitting there like, 'Can I have some more chicken?' that lets you know. That's the best sign," he chuckled while his son ate every bite.

"If he could get it every day he would," he added.

Their fish also gets rave reviews. It's prepared with two types of meal, then fried until it's golden brown.

The sides are as popular as the mains.

The collard greens are cooked slow and low.

He also showed off his candied yams.

Serese: Can you make this in your sleep?

Jay: Absolutely!

Serese: Do you dream about it sometimes?

Jay: Absolutely!

The candied yams are seasoned with white and brown sugar, vanilla, plenty of spices and melted brown butter on top.

"My mother makes an actually sweet potato soufflé' and you guys are going to get chance to check that out. I tell people it's sweet potato pie on steroids," he chortled.

It's just what you can expect here.

Serese: You said the chicken is an experience, this whole place is an experience!

His goal is to give this community even more options and more flavor.

"My hope is to expand and eventually take this whole block and have family-style dining, a drive-thru, and actually have a place where people can have their events," he shared.

Southern Spoon is at 3929 Ames Avenue. It's open Wednesday through Sunday.

To see the full menu, go to their Facebook page @southernspoon3229

There are no prices to report. That's because Southern Spoon is set up like a deli. Your food is weighed.

So, you can tell them the amount you want to spend, whether it's $10 or 20 dollars and they'll accommodate your budget.

During the Lenten season they will also be selling shrimp & catfish po boys.

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